Young Adult Community


We are a people of  belonging with radical boldness!!


Everyone's faith journey is different, and so we are a regional young adult community hoping to create a space where men and women from the ages of 18-38 can belong, form deep relationships, and encounter Christ in their lives. Our vision is to create a community of young adults who are seeking to grow in understanding their faith together.

To be formed into mature Christian disciples, and reach beyond ourselves and invite others into a transformative and deep encounter with Christ.

To become a community of people living together, rather than just a group that meets up occasionally.

Our community will be a place of openness, understanding, and deep relationships. No matter where you are in your faith journey, we hope this can be a place of belonging and radical living. We hope to be a community of deep encounter both with Christ and with each other and we hope you will join us!


Please reach out to Kylie Ballinger if you would be interested in joining the new young adult community, or just want to learn more about what the young adult community will be! Ministry opportunities and community events will be coming soon. We look forward to getting in touch with each one of you and forming this community!                                                                Email:   Phone: 570-474-6315 ext. 222

Its time for some Penguin Hockey! Contact Kylie to RSVP and get your ticket!


Check out the calendar for more young adult activities! 

*** New 2022 calendar coming soon***

More information on the events: 

Theology On Tap (Must be 21 or older) is an invitation for young adults to learn more about their faith, to share in the Catholic community, and to serve as a springboard for other young adult initiatives. Since its creation in the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1981, this program has proven to be a successful vehicle for reaching young adults interested in learning more about their faith, coming together to share community, and feeling welcomed and valued in the Catholic Church. Join us at Sabatini's monthly on Thursday nights at 7 pm with a guest speaker! It is a great way to learn more about the Catholic faith and meet other young adults in your area! Feel free to bring friends! 


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