Goals & Objectives

To design a new church for St. Jude Parish in conjunction with a site development plan that accommodates the new church and its required parking while retaining the school, rectory and picnic grove.


To develop a church with the input of St. Jude Parish that: 

  • Will seat over 800 parishioners in one unified space that supports the Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church and the Diocese of Scranton.
  • Can be expanded in the future to accommodate up to 1200 parishioners.
  • Reflects the spirituality, traditions, and aesthetics that are unique to St. Jude Parish.
  • Projects an image easily recognizable as a traditional Catholic church.
  • Incorporates sacred art, stained glass, and furnishings from other recently closed Diocesan churches.
  • Contextually harmonizes with the existing facilities and the residential character of Mountain Top.

To develop site plans that:

  • Allows for easy vehicular (cars/school buses) and pedestrian access
  • Accommodates parking for 260+ cars, expandable to 400 cars, with clear traffic patterns.
  • Provides clear and safe walking areas between the parking lots and the church.
  • Incorporates landscaping, lighting, storm water management, and the potential for outdoor sacred space that may include Stations of the Cross, Blessed Mother Sanctuary, St. Jude statuary, etc.
  • Allows for bus and other vehicular drop-off and pick-up as well as outdoor play areas for St. Jude School.
  • Allows for simultaneous events to take place at the church and the school while maintaining adequate traffic flow and parking.

Retains as much of the picnic grove as possible.

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